Dipl.-Ing. Thomas K. Baetz

Founder & CEO

Background: My Passion

My ambition is to create a sustainable energy society towrads a zero-carbon economy. As environmental ambassadors I foster energy awerness and its impact on our planet. I strive for responsible energy production and utilization.

I own many talents and I am eager to learn as longas I breathe. I want to be surrounded and educatedby passionate leaders, mentors and wise men inorder to rise to the best version of myself and toforward my wisdom subsequently to others.

Life has gotten complex and our world faces manyentangled challenges on all levels. I feel in resonance when given the opportunity tocreate transparency by simplifying highly complexfacts to be used as basis of sustainable solutions.

(Re-)Connect worlds

I believe that mankind is drifting away from eachother which is contrary to what we embody ashuman beings. It is my deepest desire to stop this trend and toconnect people physically and mentally.

Shift “HAVE” to “BE”

True happiness and peace starts within. They aren’t attached to things nor assets. I have come to realize that whatever I believe in today will shape my world of tomorrow.


Being in my 40’s and having worked on three continents with different cultures over a period of two decades I know exactly, what I want as my next assignment:

  • 1
    I will combine my passion with my strengths in order to fully perform with all my skills while being in balance.
  • 2
    I will interact globally with the intension to connect people and to work jointly on a higher purpose yet meaning.
  • 3
    I want my life time to be spent wisely and that people, groups or populations will benefit longterm of my efforts.


  • Diplom-Bauingenieur (Graduate civil engineer)
  • Business Engineering (IHK)
  • Manager & Mentor
  • Triathlete

My strengths

  • Courage & Endurance
  • Perceptiveness
  • Self Confidence & Calmness

My benefits to others

  • Enabler & Enthusiast
  • Collaborator
  • Communicator & Mentor

My core values


Innovation & Change