Inverter: What it does and which one is the right one

Professionals know: Photovoltaic systems generate direct current. However, this is neither suitable for feeding into the public grid nor for operating consumers and appliances in your own household. It must first be converted from direct current to alternating current – using an inverter.

AC/DC – in this case not the Scottish hard rockers

Laymen can quickly lose track of the different types of inverters for different areas of application. That’s why we explain everything you need to know about the prices, advantages, disadvantages and special features of different inverters. You will find the right inverter for your photovoltaic system with us.

The different types – advantages and disadvantages

There is a suitable inverter for every photovoltaic system and every size. The variants at a glance:

Model Area of application Advantages Disadvantages
Module inverter Small and micro systems up to 30 m² Small design and easy installation, can be connected directly to alternating current prone to faults with larger systems, low efficiency
String inverter Medium-sized systems
from 30 m²
Reduction of power losses, suitable for larger solar systems Comparatively expensive, does not make sense for smaller systems
Central inverter Large systems from
500 m²
Suitable for large systems, cheaper than several string inverters Total failure of the system in the event of a fault, not suitable for small systems

Which inverter should I use?

When selecting a suitable inverter, there are important key figures for the PV system to consider. The most important is the size and the associated output of the system. For medium-sized systems, we almost always recommend a string inverter which you can find in our online shop.

dreiphasiger, netzgekoppelter String-Wechselrichter

…and what does an inverter cost now?

The exact prices naturally depend on the selected model with its respective rated power and efficiency. Our range includes inverters for PV systems from 800€ net. This makes it all the more important to choose a quality product with fair warranty conditions.

Wechselrichter für PV-Anlagen